“The first holistic hair and body therapy provider”

Thairapeutics® Mission

Our mission at Thairapeutics is to be the premier provider of quality holistic hair, skin, and body services, products, and information for greater health, wellness, beauty, and awareness, for healthier and happier beings and communities, and a healthy, living, peaceful planet

Thairapeutics® Philosophy

“At Thairapeutics we believe that in order to be truly healthy, every aspect of the body must be healthy. We also maintain that the body does not stop at the hair line nor is it limited to the exterior shell. To achieve optimal health for your whole body, you must not only address the outside of the body, but the inside as well. Pollutants in the environment and harsh toxic chemicals in products and foods are very harmful to the body. Stress and other negative emotions, unhealthy or unbalanced diets, and disconnected inner selves can also adversely affect the body. These negative factors, if not addressed, can prevent the body from both looking its best and functioning properly. This is why Thairapeutics brings together personalized holistic integrative services and products for the care and treatment of the whole body. We integrate the best hair/ scalp, skin, body, alternative and spiritual healing treatments with the finest natural and organic (plant based) highly effective products for greater health, wellness, and beauty for your entire body…
healthy hair, healthy skin, healthy body, healthy spirit.”

An investment in the touch of nature brings strength,
beauty, and harmony to every body, mind, and
spirit…for a quality life and a rich world”

Thairapeutics® Vision

Our vision is to be leaders in holistic health care and provide innovative and superior education, motivation, and service to create positive healthy transformations in peoples lives, naturally helping them to achieve their greatest potential, while at the same time providing healing to our beloved planet.  Through our service to humanity we envision creating a perfect balance for transformational healing: enough stimulation to enable change and transformation, and enough relaxation to facilitate calm and inner peace to generate an all-over sense of well-being and balance, resulting in the creation of a new healthier body, a new higher self, and a new passion for life and living.

Thairapeutics® Core Values- The power of 10

We believe in core healing, healing the source and cause of conditions, not the just the symptoms, for true whole body healing. We believe that by providing the right environment our bodies can heal themselves.

We believe in the health, safety, and protection of our clients.  We will always provide only the safest and healthiest therapies and products to not only protect our clients from harmful chemicals and ineffective therapies, but to also provide the best alternative healing therapies for the best healing opportunity.

We believe in discovering truth and revealing it.  As we consistently research to provide you with the healthiest and safest holistic healing practices and products, we go to the core of our research regarding health, healing, and safety and unveil the truth by educating you.

We believe in teaching and educating our community about healthy and green living and bringing our community to a greater sense of awareness.

We believe that with each person we help heal, we initiate a ripple effect for the greater community to benefit. When one person makes a positive change it becomes magnetizing and has a positive effect on other people, allowing for a more healthy peaceful place for all beings.

We believe in taking refuge in our community. Just as we support our community in being a healthier and happier peaceful place through each individual we help heal, we also receive support from our community in healthy and sustainable commerce.

We believe in harmonizing with our planet, serving each other to bring about perfect balance. We believe that part of harmonizing with our planet we must honor the true service of plants. Plants are our healers, our essence of life, our “medicine”. This is why we will always use plants in our healing

We believe in protecting and saving the planet. We believe in environmental sustainability and apply green business practices with every step and angle of our business, and only partner with other businesses that hold the same belief.

We believe in giving back. We support several causes that we are truly passionate about. We support environmental causes, animal rights causes, disabled children causes, preservation of indigenous cultures, and spiritual foundations supporting world peace.

We believe in oneness, that we are all interconnected and practice love and kindness towards all beings. With everything we do and provide to our communities, we do it with compassion towards animals, our environment, our planet, and all beings.


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