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The most potent ingredients you will find from the botanical world to treat the hair and scalp for a healthy and vibrant appearance and feel.

Each PHYTO product is formulated with carefully selected plant extracts, which work in synergy to ensure maximum results and provide a natural precise response to the specific needs of each hair type or particular hair and scalp problems.

PHYTO uses environmentally friendly packaging such as aluminum tubes and glass jars to protect the effectiveness of its formulas containing high levels of active botanical extracts and to limit the use of preservatives.

DRY HAIR LINE- Chemicals in hair products, chemical hair services, hair driers, flat irons, -and other forms of “hair abuse” will lead to dehydrated hair. Here is a system to bring your hair back to a healthy state of hydration:

Phytojoba Shampoo
Phytosesame Conditioner
Price: $20.00

Price: $25.00

Price: $23.00

ULTRA DRY HAIR LINE- Over processed hair and hair that is exposed to aggressive chemicals and environmental factors will become extremely dry and brittle causing hair to break, develop spit ends, and become frizzy. Here is a system to repair and restore the health of your hair:

Phytonectar Shampoo
Phytonectar Conditioner
Price: $20.00

Price: $35.00

Price: $23.00


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