ENERGY TREATMENTS now available- Raindrop Therapy Massage and Reiki. Experience balance, harmony, inner peace, decreased pain (emotional and physical), more ENERGY and a stronger immune system.

25% OFF
each session through the month of March. Make your appointment now for greater health and wellness. (Energy treatment specials end 3/31/05)

Treat yourself or someone you care about-
These are full integrative sessions/treatments in which you will benefit from a complete holistic experience for a stronger, healthier, and more beautiful body, mind, and spirit after which will give you a better awareness of your body and its needs to attain and maintain a healthy lifestyle for a healthier YOU…
healthy hair, healthy body, healthy spirit.

Introductory Wellness Package- $299 ($500 value)- includes 5 introductory wellness sessions- 1)structural assessment and analysis 2) Nutritional assessment and analysis 3) Exercise Therapy 4)Therapeutic Massage 5) Stretching and Release Therapy- PLUS additional discounts on follow-up visits

Introductory Massage Package- $315 ($525 value)- includes 6 introductory massage sessions- 1) Structural assessment and analysis 2) Therapeutic Massage 3) Raindrop Massage 4) Therapeutic Chair Massage 5) Hot Stone Massage 6) Reiki- PLUS additional discounts on follow-up visits

Introductory Holistic Beauty Package- $249 ($400 value)- includes 5 introductory holistic beauty treatments- 1)Skin assessment and analysis 2) Hair and scalp assessment and analysis 3) Customized Micro-facial Treatment 4) Hair or Scalp Treatment 5) Haircut and Style- PLUS additional discounts on follow-up vistis

REFERRAL BONUSES- Want to SAVE on your next visit? How does a FREE service or treatment sound? It’s simple- just refer a friend or family member and you both receive 20% OFF. You will receive 20% off your next visit and the person you refer receives 20% off his/her first visit. But wait there’s more…REFER 3 people (friends, family, co-workers…) and you receive 50% OFF your next service, which accumulatively will equal a FREE service. Here’s an example of how it works-----

  • (Example) service price- $50
  • Refer 3 friends- 20 % off $50= $10 savings each (plus each friend gets 20% off his/her first visit)
  • Multiply that by 3= $30 savings
  • Now because you referred a total of 3 people you now are entitled to 50% off your next visit- 50 % off $50= $25 savings
  • TOTAL SAVINGS= $55- that’s a FREE service plus $5 extra in your pocket or used towards you next visit.

I think you get the idea…just refer and save. **Please make sure the person you refer states your full name when setting up his/her first appointment.

**This program is valid for any service(s) or treatment(s)
**This program is not valid with any other promotions, coupons, or certificates.


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